Atlanta Food Photographer’s Studio

Mark O’Tyson Photography is located in a 4,100-square-foot studio on Atlanta’s west side, convenient to downtown, midtown, and Buckhead. A glass-enclosed conference room provides clients with a separate workspace, while allowing them to stay connected to the action. And for those “hurry up and wait” times, there’s a client lounge area with a 52-inch TV.

Food Stylists’ Prep Kitchen

The studio houses a 400-square-foot, commercial-quality kitchen that is integrated with the shooting area for easy communication between the stylists and the set. Several commercial refrigerators and freezers offer plenty of space for clients to ship and store products before their shoot. Stylists appreciate the well-equipped work environment which includes:

  • Blodgett convection oven
  • Conventional oven
  • 22″ Brick-lined pizza oven
  • Salamander
  • Two commercial deep fryers with 600 cfm ventilation
  • Hobart slicer
  • Stand mixer
  • True and Beverage Air refrigerators and freezers
  • Under-cabinet ice machine
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
Food Photography and Video Kitchen Set

A full-size kitchen set is available in the studio for shooting stills and video recipe how-tos. This set is in addition to the stylists’ kitchen, so the stylists still have plenty of space to work in during the shoot. The set includes a functional wall oven, gas cooktop, plumbing, and a floating island. Shooting in the studio saves clients the extra expenses, such as rental fees, that are associated with location shoots.

The Studio Prop Collection

Another cost-saving feature is the studio’s prop room which houses a large collection, including various wooden and stone surfaces, set pieces, and hundreds of plates, napkins, glassware, flatware, linens, etc. There’s also a fabrication shop for set construction.