Atlanta Food Photographer and Videographer

Based in Atlanta, Mark O’Tyson is a food photographer who can bring more than 25 years of experience to your food photography and video projects. He has worked with both small and large companies, including national and international restaurant chains, food producers, and equipment manufacturers. Much of his business is generated by referrals from happy clients, some of whom have been with him for over 10 years, taking Mark’s partnership with them from job to job. Every image on this site was created for his clients with real budgets, real deadlines, and real expectations.

Our Food Photo Team and Studio

Food and beverage photography and videography requires a team with a specialized skill set, and Mark works with a group of talented, Atlanta-based food stylists and studio personnel. The studio kitchen was designed to suit the stylists’ needs and is equipped with all the appliances and tools necessary to prepare tantalizing dishes. The studio’s prop room houses a large collection of dishes, glassware, flatware, linens, surfaces, and set pieces—having these items steps away from the set is a major time and money-saving asset for clients.

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Food and Beverage Images

Lighting is the key to making even the most mundane dish look irresistible. Your food and beverage images and videos should tell a story and inspire your customers to experience your products for themselves. Mark and his team will capture the mood and style of your brand through careful use of props, lighting, and composition to evoke the true essence of the dish, whether in a still photo or a video. To visit our galleries of food and beverage images, click here.

Let’s Talk About Your Food Shoot

If you’re looking for a food photographer and videographer to partner with on your next project, please contact Mark for more information on how he can help you promote your brand.

Some of our past and current clients include: