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Mark O'Tyson is an Atlanta-based food photographer with over 25 years of experience. He has worked with many national and international restaurant chains, food companies, and equipment manufacturers. Most of his business has come from client referrals, and some of his clients have been with him for over 10 years. Every image on this site was created for real clients with real budgets, deadlines, and expectations.

Food and beverage photography requires a specialized skill set as well as a unique studio environment. Mark has assembled a team of talented stylists and studio personnel as well as a large prop and set collection. Having hundreds of props and surfaces steps away is a major time and money-saving asset for clients. He's tailored the studio kitchen to suit the stylists' needs with all the tools and equipment necessary to prepare tantalizing dishes.

Once the food is on set, Mark is passionate about lighting. He understands how beautiful light can make even the most mundane dish irresistible. He's able to capture the mood and style of your brand through careful use of props, lighting, and composition whether it's light and airy or rich and hearty.

After many years of trying to keep the camera absolutely still, Mark now enjoys discovering new ways to make it move. He has transferred his skills to video production, complete with 4K and slow-motion capabilities.

If you're looking for a food photographer or videographer to partner with on your next project who can bring everything to the table, give Mark a call and let him show you how he can help you promote your brand.

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